Predict future patient visits.

No more guess work when it comes to staffing and marketing decisions -

run your practice with confidence. 


how do providers use our technology?


Proactive management.

Forecast what types of patients will be visiting your locations - and when - so you can make smarter decisions for your practice.

Improve staffing levels.

Knowing visit volumes ahead of time allows you to proactively plan and adjust staffing levels. No more surprises for your team.


Lower marketing costs.

How many new patients do you need to sustain growth? What types of patients should you target? Cut marketing costs and get better results.

Anticipate patient needs.

We help you gain a deeper understanding of your patients' future needs, so that you can provide the best patient experience possible.


use our insights to run a more efficient practice - without losing focus on patient care.


Volumes Map

Visualize current and projected patient visit volumes geographically to better understand your market penetration.


Revenue Analyzer

Analyze revenue projections by month and by visit type so you can determine what staffing levels and marketing efforts you need now and in the future.


Segment Analysis

Side-by-side comparison of current and future patient visit volume trends. View the trends by age, payor, gender, etc.


Location Details

Analysis by location allows you to meet patient care needs while understanding characteristics unique to each location.


our clients trust us.

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Frequently Asked Questions.


1. Do I need to buy any software or technology for this? 

No outside software or technology installations are needed; we analyze the data, provide visualizations of the analysis, and keep it updated. All you have to do is log in to view it.


2. Can the analysis and visualization be customized to what I need? 

Of course! Just ask and we can make the appropriate changes for you.


3. What is required to get started?

All we need is a subset of your practice's data. It's as simple as that. We have processes and technology in place to ensure the data is secure throughout our work. 


4. How much does this cost?

A one time set-up fee of $900, per location, is used to cover data storage, modeling costs, and a user license for the location. A quarterly recurring fee of $250 will be charged for ongoing technology maintenance and updated analysis. Additional technology or advisory services are available for additional fees.  


Have more questions? Contact us to learn more.