What We Do

The Bestige Group helps Healthcare providers achieve deeper insights into their operations through the powerful and efficient use of data. By leveraging our decades of experience helping Healthcare organizations and combining it with our deep exposure to other industries, we bring affordable and powerful services to our clients. Our scalable solution offerings will help your organization compete and grow in the new age of Healthcare so your staff can continue to focus on delivering the best care and patient experience possible.

Up to 40% of patient and donor relationships are unprofitable – we help you identify which ones and why

Up to 40% of patient encounters are unprofitable – we help you identify which ones and why

Scale up and down as needed with our on-demand service model

Eliminate the need for analysts, technology, and other overhead costs

Lower revenue acquisition costs and strengthen your negotiation position with our powerful insights


Gain visibility into process inefficiencies and resource utilization


Our Services

data integration services

  • Integration of your disparate systems into a centralized data warehouse provides you powerful views of the
    entire patient experience. Organizations using CRM tools, Google Analytics, scheduling applications, or even multiple EHRs need to be able to securely aggregate their data to gain a true understanding of their operational performance – our scalable solutions allow you to do this without heavy technology and labor costs.

Comprehensive Analytics services

  • Powerful analytics driven by experts will help you identify inefficiencies, contain costs, and leverage your data to improve overall performance. Our service reduces technology and labor costs, while allowing your staff to focus on delivering the best patient experience possible.

Case Studies

New Patient Analysis

Client: A leading specialty practice (multiple locations) 

Challenge: Lack of success in understanding impact of new patient acquisition efforts

Actions: Performed detailed analysis of client’s data and combined with our access to vital external data

Impact: Pinpointed new markets to focus efforts from deeper understanding of where new patients are coming from and which marketing efforts new patients are responding to

Patient segmentation

Client: A provider strategically growing their business

Challenge: Did not have clear understanding of patient segments being served

Actions: Leveraged statistical modeling to segment patients into distinct categories

Impact: Targeted marketing efforts and new locations for expansion due to clearer understanding of the characteristics of their High Yield patients

Population analysis

Client: Multi specialty clinic

Challenge: Challenge in defining the socioeconomic behaviors of the population in surrounding areas

Actions: Analyzed population in surrounding areas and provided valuable data points around Income Levels, Social Medical Usage, Health, Insurance Coverage, and Population Growth

Impact: Provided the organization valuable information that has driven expansion and Merger and Acquisition decisions


Client: Growing provider in the Southeast

Challenge: No insight into behavior and outcome of future patient encounters

Actions: Conducted statistical modeling and probability analysis                  

Impact: Determined the percentage likelihood of defined outcomes so the organization can alter processes to positively impact operations

Example Clients